Proposed Citi Field Renovation

By Brendan Weingarten

I love going to Citi Field, but there are some things I would change. For instance, I would take out the Upper Decks in LF. It’s an unpopular place to sit at Citi, and is almost always empty. It blocks a great view of the Flushing Bay, which is only visible between the gap of the LF Upper Decks and the Scoreboard when you sit in the first base-side Upper Decks. There is a barely visible Out-Of-Town Scoreboard that seems like it’s an afterthought. Maybe not now, but once the money is there, and we don’t need more to spend on players, I’d rip these seats out (outlined in red.) It would make for a big concourse, and allow the view of the bay in. On the concourse, there could be statues of Seaver, Carter, and Piazza overlooking the field that would make Citi more unique. Concessions with a more open view to the field, and a larger horizontal out-of-town scoreboard where the building behind the upper deck is would make for a better fan experience. The cutoff would be where the Acela Club (Large LF Restaurant behind foul pole) stops.

Also, a lot of people say they would change the Jackie Robinson Rotunda. I heard somebody say it was “a shrine to the Dodgers” once and I got vehemently angry. It is not a shrine to the Dodgers. There is nothing mentioning the Dodgers in it. Anybody who says this is an idiot, no offense. It is a beautiful, large room, welcoming people into Citi Field. There are quotes from Jackie Robinson lining the walls and a league-wide retired, blue 42 as a centerpiece. There is nothing wrong with honoring a person who changed baseball forever, and it’s something that the Dodgers themselves have failed to do. I think someone had to do it, and I’m glad the Mets did, as Brooklyn is a neighboring borough to Queens. And despite large lines, I think everybody should enter through the Jackie Robinson Rotunda when coming to Citi Field. It is the first one open and it’s such a great experience. On the last day of the season last year, between innings I went back down to the Rotunda. There was nobody there. And it was awesome. 

Also, you know that bridge in Right Center Field? It overhangs the bullpen and is a part of the right field concourse. If you’ve been to Citi Field and eaten at the Shake Shack you’ve probably seen it. If you’ve seen it on TV, maybe not, because I don’t feel like it sticks out as much as it should. Maybe they could paint it blue, (Read The Apple proposed this) which they made the outfield fence. Maybe they could make it more bridge-like, because right now it’s more of a concourse with arches around it. There is standing area there now and group seating areas that overlook the bullpen. I think if they made the bullpens more viewable to the people on the walkway it would be better too. Too see what it was inspired by, click here. (I cross it when I take the train to New York!)

Also, you know how the Mets had the “Great Wall of Flushing” that was turning David Wright’s homers into F7’s? I agreed the Mets needed to fix it, because it wasn’t just turning Citi Field into a pitchers park (which it still is) it was unfair for hitters and needed to be fixed. Note that I said fixed, not patched. And there is a difference.

Do you see what I mean yet? Instead of doing the renovations seamlessly (though some announcers said it’s seamless, I disagree) they simply patched it by adding a group seating area, another fence in front of the existing one, and stairs to reach it. They also obstructed views for those in the Left Field Landing. If I had my way I would have made it so instead of shortening the fence from 16 feet to 8 feet, they would extend the existing seats more so until it reached 8 feet. If you don’t know what I mean by now, I drew it out for you right here.

I hope you enjoyed my article about what I would change about Citi Field, now comment below what you would change about your team’s park.


All of these are great ideas – you should forward them to the Wilpons. They can use all the help they can get at this point…
– Chris

I really like your idea about removing the seats in the upper decks of left field, and expanding the concourse up there. I think it would look better, and plus then people could see the sunset, city excitement, water etc…
Good entry!
-Paul K

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I am still ticked that the deepest point in the park is right where our best hitter hits. Right center needs to be brought in. It was just the dumbest thing to open the field right their. It would have made more sense to do that in left. Was there anyone that understood the game and who was on our team when this place was built?

I just came back from Coors field in Denver. They took out part of their upper deck and replaced it with a rooftop bar. It was really popular spot. They sold standing room tickets for there for $15 that came with $6 voucher to use at the bar.

You’re dead wrong on the Rotunda.

Jackie Robinson is an icon, a true giant of a man, and it’s a crime that it took as long as it did for their to be a monument to him in New York City.

That said… He was never a New York Met. The grand entrance to the home of the Mets should not be dedicated to somebody who played for an opposing National League team.

If the Wilpons felt so strongly about dedicating a monument to Robinson, they should have paid for one to be built in Brooklyn.

It’s a good point, but the “Jackie Robinson Rotunda” part wasn’t supposed to be the biggest part of the post. I do feel like the Mets should honor the Brooklyn Dodgers and New York Giants in some way, and I don’t think that the rotunda was an over-kill. It’s really just a statue of “42” hidden behind the main escalators and some quotes from Robinson, who you should remember, is one of the most important people to ever play baseball. And it’s not like Brooklyn is a whole day’s drive away either…

What would you do with the Jackie Robinson Rotunda? I’ve never been “offended” by it as a Mets fan. I would be open to some changes if it were reasonably better than what it is now.

To sum it up quickly, on every change you suggest except for the statues, you are an absolute moron.

Mike, I’d like you to at least have an argument, as well as some decency and class when you write your comments. Instead of personally attacking me, tell me how you disagree. So, Mike, present your argument and I’ll listen.

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You write like a child. Seriously, this is a joke:

“Also, a lot of people say they would change the Jackie Robinson Rotunda. I heard somebody say it was “a shrine to the Dodgers” once and I got vehemently angry. It is not a shrine to the Dodgers. There is nothing mentioning the Dodgers in it. Anybody who says this is an idiot, no offense.”

I should have stopped reading after this. The article is fine, the ideas are mostly fine (some are dumb, like remove the upper deck in LF… Citi has only a medium seating capacity currently, it’s only empty up there because the Mets are bad) but really you need a copy editor or something because its just embarrassing as is.

I don’t know how to edit this comment, but it was a little harsher than I intended. Sorry!

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